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How many people can I bring to my appointment?

We please ask you bring a maximum of 3 guests along to your appointment. We are an intimate store and we want to keep everyone safe. (Also too many opinions can be overwhelming).



Once you have bought your dress with us you will receive an Order Confirmation, Receipt of Payment and a Copy of your Terms and Conditions. There is also a section on what happens next.

What underwear should I wear?

We recommend a nude seamless pant.

Do I need to bring any shoes?

Don't stress, We have some simple block heels that you can wear throughout the appointment. If you already have your wedding shoes, its always a good idea to bring these along to see if they go with your dream dress.

When should I start shopping for my dress?

We recommend to start shopping 12-18 months before your wedding. However if you feel ready and have your wedding date booked, there is nothing stopping you. And if you have passed your 12 month mark, don't panic! We can still get you a dress in time.


On the 'What happens next section' this explains about booking in with our recommend alterations Teams.
(You do not have to use either of these teams if you would prefer to use someone closer to home or know)

Once Upon a dress, In house at Chloe Jane Bridalwear

York Bridal Studio, York Centre

PLEASE once you have received this email, Book your first fitting for 10 weeks before your wedding (even though it seems very early) It just avoids any disappointment in using your chosen alterations team.



Do I pay for my dress all at once?

No, If you are ordering a dress all of our designers require a 50% deposit to order and then you don't need to pay anything at all until your dress arrives in store and you've been to try it on (within 30 days of it arriving to store). However if you are buying a sample, we need payment in full as you take it on the day.

How long are the appointments?

First time Appointments are 1 hour 30 minutes long. Thats both weekend and weekday.

Will drinks be served?

Yes, we serve Prosecco! and Chloë Jane water bottles.

What Sizes are your Samples?

Our Samples range from a uk size 10 - 20. However we will clip you in to achieve the best fit. All dresses can be ordered to your correct size (we love a custom sizing as no-one is the same).

At this point, you won't hear from us for a while (this just means your dress is being made) You may receive something very special in the post. 


Around 3-4 months before your wedding your dress will arrive in store. This is when we will give you a call and get you booked in for your collection appointment. During this appointment you will try YOUR dress on, we can look at veils and accessories and make sure you are happy with the dress and your final balance is due.


Once you have been to your collection appointment we then ask you take your dress with you to your first fitting (at whichever alterations you choose) Where they will look after it for you until the week of your wedding. However if you are using once upon a dress you can keep your dress here for your fitting,

If you have ordered a veil or any accessories during your collection appointment we can either post these out to you or you are welcome to collect from store.


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